You had ONE JOB, Cart Wrangler!

15 Oct


Day 35 of the 90 in 90 blog challenge.

Right now I’m really too tired to explain this picture…. Buuuut basically, this is what I found after walking out of the most highly populated Walmart in the western world.

The problem? I mean other than the fact that my car was completely blocked in by a conga line of carts, EVERYONE was a tourist. Everyone wanted food for their entire week’s stay in their Florida condo. Everyone was tired, and sweaty, and cranky, and beat. Nobody wanted to be in the Walmart, at all… including my mother and me. And so of COURSE we got behind the guy who forgot his wallet in the car, and of COURSE the woman at the register had no idea how to handle the situation, and of COURSE we had to wait fifteen minutes for her supervisor to come over and say “Why yes, it IS okay for you to leave your cart here while you go retrieve your wallet!” So we finally pay and start to walk out, (keep in mind my feet are KILLING me from running errands and walking on hard floors all day) and we almost get run over by a speedy couple and their practically steaming cart. My arm almost pulled a “Soccer Mom Arm” and whipped out to protect my own unsuspecting mother from danger…  Then we pass a woman standing just outside the doors DEVOURING what looked to be a sensible package of portable orange chicken… (My question is… where did that come from? It looked like a microwave dinner, so… How did she microwave it? Why is she standing just outside the door?) And THEN… we can’t find our car. AND SO!!! We finally find… What that picture shows above.

It’s like… The cart guy just… stopped. He stopped everything. Stopped pushing, stopped working… stopped caring, really. Almost as if he looked at his watch, realized it had just turned 11 pm, and he threw his hands up and just walked off. “Screw these carts. I’m going home. “

And you know what? After spending just thirty minutes in the Walmart filled with spastic tourists, I can understand him abandoning his duties as a cart wrangler. And even though I was kind of mad about it, I can sort of respect him for his complete disregard for my inconvenience, too. It takes a bold man to just leave an entire ARMY of carts behind someone’s car. I actually hope he’s crackin’ open a ice cold Bud Light where ever he is. Because today? He’s a “Real American Hero” if I’ve ever (not) seen one.


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