The Salvationsaurus

16 Oct

Available only at the Salvation Army.


This rare reptilian accessory is the perfect piece for every fashion forward diva. The belt is adjustable, made of fine felt and effective velcro. This suave piece can be worn for most occasions, including but not limited to: Halloween parties, costume parties, dinner parties, no pants parties, first dates, doing your laundry, running errands, going to the movies, getting an ingrown toe nail removed at the doctor’s office, or even while facing the most difficult decision of your day, like making a Redbox selection.





One Response to “The Salvationsaurus”

  1. Michael October 17, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    I cannot tell you how much my sense of cosmic balance and justice has been satisfied here. There is a unity to reality, to experience, and it is humor!

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