Here Is A Picture Of A Sloth and A Shark Hugging. No… Seriously.

10 Oct

Day 30 of the 90 in 90 blog challenge.

WOOOOO!!!! ^^^^DID YOU SEE THAT ^^^^!?!?!?! I have successfully been blogging every day for THIRTY DAYS NOW!!! THAT’S LIKE, A MONTH! Thirty days, that’s like… as long as September… April, June, AND November! BOO YA!!!

SO! To celebrate, I thought I’d give my most loyal readers a special treat. I know this is something you’ve been longing to behold for a lifetime, and I’ll admit, it’s something I’ve been wanting to share with you all for just as long. And so, without further ado…

THIS!!!!! Is a picture of a sloth and a shark hugging.

Slothy says, “Shark week’s my favorite.”

If you’re still conscious and breathing regularly, can we both just take a moment to appreciate the pure photoshopped beauty of this three-toed sloth embracing the ravenous sea giant in what seems to be a moment of mutual respect and understanding? Here it is again, only a little different, because I know you want to see it.

Sharky says, “We defy all species behaviorist expectations… AND gravity!”


I know, right!?!?! Like how long have we all been YEARNING for this photograph!?!?! I actually received this picture from a VERY good friend who knows me (disturbingly?) well. This was hands, flippers, and three-toes down one of the best birthday gifts I was given this year. The only bad thing was that I opened this stunning piece of artwork in a relatively nice restaurant, in public. I somehow managed to keep myself from screaming, jumping, and dancing… but in doing so, all of that energy sort of imploded all at once, and resulted in me rocking back and forth a bit and saying, “No, no. No, this is false… this has to be false… where? Uh.. what? How??? Did you make this??? Oh my GOSH!!!” over and over again. I was told my reaction was “priceless,” but I mean… he sort of paid for the gift which inspired it.. and dinner… so I don’t really know how that all works out.

Anyway… Happy 1/3 of the blog challenge done day!


I know it’s hard to walk away from such an inspiring image, so to make it easier on you, I’ll leave you with these two SUPER SURPRISE AND COMPLETELY FREE IMAGES, ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!

Hint: One of the subjects pictured is a self motivated “do-er” who is able to recognize notable self accomplishments, such as killing an entire family of seals, finding a mate, and migrating 50+ miles in one day, while the other subject pictured is a stay-at-home slob who doesn’t give a flying squirrel what happens to it on a daily basis.

You be the judge.


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