Riding In Cars With (Gay) Boys

13 Sep

Day 3 of the 90 in 90 blog challenge.

Lady Gaga is playing. The sun is shining through the windshield, and a wave of excitement rushes through you. You’re going on another road trip with your gay best friend, and everything just feels so right.

“He ate my heart! He a-a-ate my heart!” Gaga has never tasted better on your tongue. And you know Beyonce is coming up next… Yes. 

You belt out the lyrics, feeling genuinely fabulous- the way you always do when you’re in a car with your gay best friend. Everything is sunny and bright and gorgeous. There is literally a rainbow in the distance- so fitting. The song changes. Suddenly, someone cuts you off on the highway.

“THIS bitch in the Taurus!” he screams over Beyonce. You smile keep singing “Love On Top” because it feels so right.

You look down at his big man hand holding the gear shift. And suddenly, without warning, without hesitation, you reach out to grab his hand. In horror, you act like you were reaching for your ipod. You thumb through your playlists, and make some joke about the 90’s. And as the bright sun shines through the windows and makes his dark skin look glistening and yummy, you’re suddenly filled with this cold, goosebump-inducing chill. Because all at once, you realize:

Since the breakup, you’re not used to being driven around by a boy that isn’t Him. You aren’t used to NOT holding the hand of the boy who is driving. You’re not used to keeping your hands in your lap, instead of using your left hand to absentmindedly run your nails along the back of His neck where those sexy, fuzzy little hairs grow.

There’s something yummy about gay boys. They have man bones layered under man muscle, and their hands are bigger than yours are. They dress perfectly and (usually) smell better than straight boys. But they’re affectionate and sweet, caring and kind. And they’re your friend, and that’s it. They aren’t trying to get in your pants. They don’t fall for you, and you don’t fall for them. They’re like a sister, but a boy… one who can be big spoon, always. Gay boys are something special, something to be treasured. Their friendship is unlike anyone else’s, and for that, you’re grateful.

And as the sun starts to set, he rolls down the window. He turns on the Backstreet Boys, and knows every word. The two of you keep belting, keep riding the high that is this very average, day-like-any-other. Only it’s not. Because you are on a road trip with your gay best friend, and everything (even the fact that he isn’t Him), feels so right.


One Response to “Riding In Cars With (Gay) Boys”

  1. Kirk Sheppard September 13, 2012 at 9:24 pm #

    Another great entry!

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