A Conversation With My Father (Via Text)

5 Sep

Me: I just came across a song entitled, and I quote, “The Vivian Girls are Visited in the Night by Saint Dargarius and his Squadron of Benevolent Butterflies.” I am not joking.
Dad: Ha!!!! You have got to be kidding. The question is, who sings this diatribe?
Me: It gets better… Sufjan Stevens.
Me: It’s not even a “song.” It’s like, an instrumental acoustic mesh of guitars and weird twinkly sounds made from a computer with static and stuff.
Dad: Carolyn. I know your taste is eclectic like your dad but this is stretching it don’t you think?
Me: Why am I not famous dad? If Sufjan Stevens can name his “song” that, then what is my life? It’s like he was sitting around thinking, “I made this on my computer a few weeks ago when I was tripping on LSD. What can I call it? What would cause people to sit around and question the “meaning” of this drug induced mess? OH! I’ve got it! The Vivian Girls are Visited in the Night by Saint Dargarius and his Squadron of Benevolent Butterflies. Why didn’t I think of that before!?”
Dad: Reminds me of the modern composer Philip Glass who famously recorded 4 minutes of silence and called it a song. These guys are hooligans. The only reason they get recognized is because there are people dumb enough to swallow what they effectively market….Trash! In every sense of the word! Hey. Have I made myself clear here or am I beating around the bush?
Me: Haha, you’ve made yourself clear, Father.
Dad: Good. Now I must go to bed. I do work for The Man, you know.
Me: Ah, yes. The man. I work for him too, although I take any opportunity I can to “stick it to him.”
Goodnight Dad, love you!
Dad: Have a good night my love.


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