The Thing About Pets Is

26 Aug

The thing about pets is-
They don’t care if you look like shit.
They don’t care if you just showered and picked your face and you look all blotchy and red.
They jump in bed with you, more eager than ever.
They don’t resent you for not calling enough.
They don’t neglect you by not calling enough.
They’re just happy, and feel fortunate when they see you.
Pets don’t get jealous.
Pets make you a priority.
Pets listen when you need them to, no matter what hour.
They don’t interrupt you to tell you about their problems,
about how they feel,
about how they think you neglected them all week.
They just love you.
The thing about pets is-
they don’t go back on promises.
They won’t tell you one thing and then do another.
If they’re looking at you, you know they’re really looking,
and not just positioning their eyes towards you to make you think that they are listening.
Pets never lie.
They never cheat on you,
abandon you,
or forsake you.
A pet will sleep next to you while your whole body shakes from tears,
and they’ll get very still,
and quiet,
and lay there until you stop.
Because the thing about pets is-
they aren’t people.
They don’t understand holding grudges,
living in the past, or even
worrying about the future.
They simply live.
They won’t ignore you for something you did three weeks ago.
They won’t stand you up
or leave you out
or make you feel like you’re not enough.
Because the thing about pets is-
They can only see the best parts of you.
Even when you’ve done something unforgivabe,
And you feel like the worst human being
who has ever lived.
Even when you’re bitter and angry
and cold and fat
and lonely and pathetic
and dishonest and cowardly
and smell funny.
They don’t care, because you are enough.
You always make them proud.
They are always rooting for you,
cheering you on,
there to celebrate your happiest days
with the same wide eyes and eager tail
as every other single day,
and are still there to lay along side you
in the dark and privacy of your room
while you cry and heave
from a pain you can no longer ignore.
They make you feel important
and strong
when they curl into you during a thunderstorm.
And when you walk through the door,
it will always be the best part of their day.

That’s the thing about pets.


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